We are buying Twitter and giving it to the users

July 4th, 2022 will be remembered as the day that the digital nation, Twitter became free from the hands of oppression. The day that WE THE PEOPLE came together to support a decentralized and user-owned internet.

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We are rewarding YOU for the following you've built on Twitter.

We may shut Twitter's servers down with this one, and as they say; if you break it, you buy it. If we don't buy it we'll build a better one from scratch – a platform that is by the people and for the people, that gives every user a voice. A movement to bring the hundreds of millions of twitter users onto Web 3, which if successful will allow us to buy Twitter and kickstart the decentralization of the internet.

On July 4th, ElonDAO Will Be Rewarding All Twitter Users With Goverance Tokens For Sharing The New Revolution.

ELONDAO is conducting the largest crypto onboarding event in history, offering every Twitter user the opportunity to claim cryptocurrency that acts as voting rights in what we call the Decentralized Twitter Board Of Directors.

Say No To Taxation, And Yes To Representation. Cast your vote on the future of Web 3 Twitter directly from the app.

You will be able to use your token to govern the future of the platform. For example, in the event that the acquisition of Twitter is successful, we expect $ELONDROP to serve as the native payment instrument for ads and digital goods on platform and you can vote to institute fees that further fund the treasury.

ELONDAO is releasing as a fully functional Crypto Wallet for IOS and Google Play.

You can buy, sell, send, swap, and recieve crypto with any wallet address. With fees of less than half of the leading crypto wallet, and all fee proceeds are directly allocated to the treasury which your $Elondrop token governs.

Send cryptocurrency to any other Twitter user immediately.

It just makes sense to make this possible, and you get to vote on what comes next. Premium Direct Messages? NFT Trading? Transparent And Changeable Algorithms? We see a future in which WE decide, and WE benefit.

The Future Of Twitter Is On Chain

Secure Your Username and claim your airdrop

Elondao Roadmap

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ElonDAO app launch - Fully functional cryptocurrency wallet (IOS / Google Play)

elondao claim page

Token will act as a governance token for ElonDAO, and future utility will be based on community proposals and initiatives

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All current Twitter users can claim $ELONDROP allocation and ownership over Twitter username

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$ELONDROP holders will be able to vote on future ownership of the new decentralized platform. At this time, the community fully drives the future of ElonDAO.

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ElonDAO treasury can be leveraged by community to acquire Twitter, fund development of a new decentralized platform, or complete any other mission proposed and voted on by $ELONDROP holders

ELONDROP is the largest airdrop and crypto onboarding event in history, and every current Twitter user will be able to participate